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How to Choose A Baby High Chair?


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The baby high chair is a daily necessity after the baby starts to add supplementary food. It can allow the baby to establish good dining concepts and habits and enjoy more dining pleasure.

The use of a baby high chair is on the one hand, to make it easier for parents to feed the baby, and to make the baby sit on the same level with adults during the meal, which is more pleasant. Don't think about it after eating.
These dining chairs are generally designed for babies from 6 months to 3 years old. They are used when the baby can sit up. The market is basically a retrofit portable baby high chair and integrated baby high chair Two types.
The advantages of the portable baby high chair are its small footprint and portability. The disadvantage is its low comfort. On the one hand, because most portable baby high chairs are all plastic, relatively hard, and the backrest is generally relatively simple, on the other hand, the plate area is often small, and the distance between the baby and the plate is also small It’s a little crowded, but if the baby grows up and removes the tray and eats together at the adult’s table, the problem with the tray just mentioned is actually not too big.
The integrated baby high chair will give the baby a stronger feeling of his own seat, and some of the dining chairs are more versatile and comfortable, but the disadvantages are also obvious, that is, they occupy a large area .
However, you can also find some foldable all-in-one baby high chair and fold it aside when not in use.