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How Did Plastic Enter The Ocean


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Even if you live hundreds of miles off the coast, the plastic you throw away will flow into the sea. Once it enters the ocean, the decomposition of plastic is very slow, and it will be broken down into tiny pieces, so-called micro plastics. The damage caused by micro plastics to marine ecology is difficult to estimate. The plastics we use every day eventually enter the ocean in three main ways.

1. Throw the plastic into the trash when it can be recycled

The plastic we put in the bin is eventually landfilled. When transporting garbage to a landfill, plastic is usually very light, so it is blown away. From there, it may end up cluttered around drains and enter rivers and oceans in this way.

2. littering

The litter will not stay on the street. Rain and wind will bring plastic waste into streams and rivers, and lead to the sea through drains and drains! Careless and inappropriate waste disposal is also an important reason-the illegal dumping of waste has greatly increased the plastic tide of the ocean.

3. Wasted products

Many of the products we use every day are flushed into the toilet, including wet wipes, cotton swabs and hygiene products. When we wash clothes in the washing machine, the fine fibers are even released into the water. They are too small to be filtered by wastewater plants, eventually consumed by small marine organisms, and eventually even enter our food chain.

Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment.