Ningbo Xiangshan Wahsun Plastic & Rubber Products Co., Ltd

Folding stool

Ningbo Xiangshan Wahsun Plastic & Rubber Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of daily necessities household supplies - folding shopping carts, folding luggage carts,folding stool, Folding containers, folding stools and other enterprises.

Our Household supplies include folding containers, folding baskets, multi-function magic ware hangers, hangers, multi-purpose plates for cars, supermarket shopping baskets and other daily necessities, totaling more than hundreds of products. Quality assurance, welcome to buy!

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Wahsun is a professional factory of Folding stool, our Folding stool has a patent certificate, advanced quality, low price, durable and hot sale overseas. Welcome to our factory wholesale and customized Folding stool.
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