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History of Folding Shopping Carts



Shopping carts have become a symbol of consumer culture. Both physical stores and online are symbols of retail. Folding shopping carts has completely changed the way people shop. The creator of the "foldable shopping cart" originally hired people to sell in his store to let shoppers use his new invention. This idea is partly a response to the changing nature of shopping in the early 20th century.

With the rise of one-stop shops and the decrease in home delivery, especially during the Great Depression, people increasingly need to help shoppers carry more things in the store. So in the mid-1930s, supermarket owner Sylvin Goldman began looking for ways to help shoppers deliver groceries in Oklahoma chains. His first device was pieced together from existing objects and consisted of a folding chair with a basket on the seat and wheels on the legs.

The ability to fold is a big part of the appeal of folding shopping carts because it will help retailers save space when the device is not in use. Goldman Sachs applied for a mass-produced metal version in 1940. Its purpose is to provide "a novel, lightweight, and easy-to-operate multi-rack rack roller installation. Folded up for easy storage in an external location of the facility, which is a better embodiment. "

The volume of a folding shopping cart in a supermarket is indeed large, but it would be unrealistic to take it with you. Our folding shopping cart is easy to carry around and beautiful.