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How To Use Potty For Children


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Children can't control their own bowel movements when they are very young, but their growth and development speed is extremely rapid, and they will soon be able to control their bowel movements. It is best for parents to let the children use the potty in time after they can walk. So how do children use potty?

Let your baby observe and learn. The baby's ability to observe and learn is very powerful, and many babies will intentionally or unintentionally follow the behavior of some people they see to regulate their behavior. The mother can let the training baby girl use the potty, as long as the mother uses it by herself, let the baby watch it, and tell the baby why he should do this, what is he doing, the male baby can let the father train, so that the baby can follow his parents Quickly learn to use the potty.

Simulate the scene and use the toilet. Mom can buy a special toilet for the baby, and let the baby use the toilet every time when going to the toilet, and tell the baby what it is, why use the toilet, so that the baby can easily learn to use the toilet, let the small The baby learns to use the potty better.

Go to the toilet with your parents. You can take your baby to follow the parents to use the toilet together, let the baby sit on their small toilet, so that after a long time, the baby will naturally learn to use the potty for convenience. The baby's learning ability is very powerful, don't ignore the baby's ability to imitate.