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Product Features of Baby Washbasin


Baby Seals Washbasin

Product features of baby washbasin:

1. Elastic three-dimensional lace, non-slip and light, rounded and thick edges, durable.
2. The baby washbasin is specially tailored for the baby, healthy and hygienic, non-toxic, odorless and pollution-free, safe material.
3. The baby washbasin can wash your face, wash your feet and handkerchiefs. It has a variety of uses and bright colors, which makes your baby fall in love with its fruit color.
4. The baby washbasin is made of food-grade polypropylene resin plastic, which is green, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, ensuring the baby's health.
5. The baby's washbasin is made of environmentally friendly materials, and the edges of the product are round and smooth to prevent cuts during use.
6. Tasteless and pollution-free, the material is safe and flexible, tailored for the baby, healthy and hygienic.
7. The bottom of the baby's washbasin has a non-slip design to prevent it from slipping during use, and it has a greater bearing capacity to prevent it from breaking when moving.