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What are the advantages of folding shopping baskets?


Compared to previous plastic and metal shopping baskets, foldable shopping baskets have unparalleled advantages.

Space saving: A shopping basket that is 20 centimeters tall can only be folded to a height of a few centimeters (depending on different styles of foldable shopping baskets). Whether it is storage or personal use, the utilization of space is very effective.

Convenient to carry: Small size, easy to carry, when you need to hold items, just open the folding part.

Lightweight and labor-saving: Foldable shopping baskets are mostly made of waterproof fabric, which is much lighter in weight compared to early plastic and metal shopping baskets.

Lightweight: Although the main frame of a foldable shopping basket is made of aluminum alloy or iron hollow pipes, its own weight is also very small.

Novel style: The main material is sewn together with fabric, and the fabric style and color can be completely chosen by the customer, showcasing a personalized style.

Wear and dirt resistance: Conventional 600D Oxford cloth has waterproof and wear-resistant properties, making it more practical for holding items such as vegetables and fruits.

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