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How to choose a high chair for babies?

From the time a baby eats fixed food, it is time to consider buying a high chair. High chair This chair is suitable for children from 2 to 3 years old. To choose a durable model. You can use the high chair as an activity center to breastfeed the child in the high chair, and when the whole family eats, she can sit in the chair and be within her own line of sight.

There are many types of high chairs, some high chairs can be modified according to the baby's development, some can be changed to small chairs for easy carrying, while others can be attached to the table to save space, and cheaper than regular high chairs. .

The wooden high chair is very popular and looks like an attractive wooden high chair. There are some drawbacks: for younger babies, the seat is too sunken and can't be adjusted, and the footrest is too low, causing the baby's foot to hang. And wooden pallets are more difficult to keep clean than plastic or metal panels; such chairs are also unfoldable, take up a lot of space and are difficult to handle.

So before buying a high chair, consider the following factors:
1. The wide base is helpful to prevent the chair from tilting;
2, after wrapping the strong plastic, it is necessary to fill the seat outside very comfortable
3, the edge can not be sharp
4, easy to clean
5, the pallet is easy to fix and disassemble - it is best to use only one hand
6. The restraining device passes between the hip and the legs to secure the baby; the strap can be adjusted
7. When the child is in the chair, lock the wheel to prevent the chair from rolling
8. Adjust the chair at any time to suit the child's long-term use.
9. When not in use between meals, fold the chair up and store it. When eating outside, it is also easy to carry.